Online dating ? No, thank you.

samedi, mai 14, 2016

While I was living in Toronto, I tried online dating.  Yeah, me, that's right. I am not gonna say if it is a good or bad thing because it is really up to you (and one of my very good friend found true love with it) (lucky her).

But It didn't work. 

Call me a romantic but it is too 2.0 for me. And that's someone who loves social media who is talking right now. So why the hell did I try?! Simple, to make my friends happy. And because  it is always interesting to get out to your comfort zone. But really it was to make a point which is you can't go against who you are. 

So in Toronto, I met 2 guys after we chatted online and I really had to force myself to see them. It wasn't natural and that drained my energy. Way too much. I mean, I shouldn't had the same feeling as doing a 12 miles marathon, right? Anyway, I went and I did manage pretty good, especially with the one from Vancouver who couldn't afford himself a drink. Yes, true story. You can laugh. I did (but not at his face, I waited to be home) (I am single not a bitter witch).

I am a social person, an idealist ( yes, even in these hard times) and trying to find my plus-one through the internet sounds weird to me. Please, let me believe that there is someone out there (cute, nice, single, cool... did I say cute?) who thinks the same! 

Some people may think that at thirty something (who cares about the number really) I must hurry up, well believe me, I miss the adrenaline rush of meeting  someone but I can't go against the flow. And yes, love is a bitch sometimes. At least with me. And a few great friends of mine. 

So, what's next? I have no idea, I don't have plan B. Or C. I am just a huge optimistic person waiting for a sign. Fine, I may be crazy too. Ha ha.

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  1. Excellent ce billet d'humeur Jasmin ! Je te te comprends, rien de tel qu'une rencontre en chair et en os pour prendre la température... Je suis sûre que tu vas trouver chaussure à ton pied ;)

  2. Tu parles de moi dans cet article ! J'ai exactement le meme raisonnement et je crois que je suis un peu - beaucoup comme toi (sur cette question du moins). Laissez moi croire qu'un jour, je vais aller un peu plus tot Ă  la boulangerie, et que lĂ , bin bam boum, coup de foudre, coeur qui bat le tambour, l'amour fou, le big love. (Et je ne manque pas d'amis qui veulent me presenter machin, bidule, ou truc, et qui aimerait bien m'installer Tinder en secret)

  3. I understand, I have some pretty good stories from my single days as well ;)
    It's not for everyone! And while a few years ago people still used it to meet people for serious relationship, now that it's more popular people use it to play the field and / or just find sex...
    I hate being a 30 something in some ways though because there is a lot of pressure to "do" certain things now


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