Et toi et toi et toi... à TOronTO

mercredi, mai 01, 2013

Why Toronto?

i originally chose toronto because my sister lived in niagara falls at the time and i wanted to move to the biggest city close to her.  then i left toronto and moved to montreal.  but now i am back in toronto because of work…and because my french sucks!

Toronto.....pretty, not pretty?

toronto has its charm.  i think what makes it pretty is the mix of old architecture and new modern buildings, the parks and little plazas in the city, the ethnic neighbourhoods, and the racial diversity.  so i would say toronto would be reese witherspoon-pretty in comparison.  not hot, not ugly, but pretty.

Your first cultural shock?

i was shocked to see how safe toronto is.  i have seen people get out of their cars, leaving them running to run into a place, and people walk by... nobody even flinching to steal the car and drive off!  that is straight up amazing to me. 

What do you like the most in Toronto?

i love toronto for being a true multiethnic, multicultural, and multilinguistic city.  the social justices.  the variety of food!  you don't see this in many cities in the world.  i feel lucky.

What pisses you off?

it's ridiculous how the government controls alcohol and price it so expensive.  it really bothers me… even though i hardly ever drink nowadays!

So far, what is your best "Toronto's memory"?

this is hard to choose, but one of my best memories is hanging out in hanlan's point, toronto island nude beach with friends!  

If you should leave, what is the last thing you would do?

i would do something super touristy and have lobster in the cn tower's restaurant on my last night in the city.

Are you homesick sometimes?

oh yes.  nothing like my home country! (Panama)

Do you plan to stay in Toronto? If yes, how long?

i will stay another year.. why not?

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